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Shopon Hossin
Apr 06, 2022
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But none of this seemed to matter when Lula da Silva finished his second term in enviable circumstances for any global leader: as US President Barack Obama noted in 2009, Lula was "the most popular politician in the world."7. In 2010, with a popularity rating of over 80% and a GDP increase of 7.5%, the former metalworker managed to handpick his Whatsapp Mobile Number List successor. Despite the general perplexity of the militants and the personal ambitions of some senior party cadres, the president bet his cards on his chief of staff, the economist Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla fighter during the dictatorship turned into a pragmatic technocrat and rough, as unknown by the general public as little loved among his fellow government officials. With Lula's support, Rousseff became the first woman to head the Brazilian Presidency. However, in the following years, the knots tightened. Without the charisma and formidable political mediation skills of her mentor, Rousseff's government Whatsapp Mobile Number List faltered from day one, becoming increasingly isolated from its social base, both on the traditional left and in the Lullist lower class. In addition, Rousseff never showed any Whatsapp Mobile Number List policy, one of the strengths of the governments of her predecessor and her mentor. The first big shake-up for the president – ​​and for her party – came in June 2013, when huge demonstrations broke out in the streets of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and, later, in all the big Brazilian cities. Millions of young people, organized through social networks, protested The increase in public transport fares, but with the underlying demand for a more efficient and present State, capable of offering its citizens quality education, health and transport. «We want services at the level of fifa» shouted the demonstrators, referring to the Whatsapp Mobile Number List World Cup that would be held in Brazil the following year. Getting Brazil to host the World Cup in 2014 and then the Rio Olympics in 2016 had been a triumph for Lula's country brand , when Brazil seemed to have been propelled skyward. But now the symbols and promises were no longer enough; the demonstrations clearly exposed the failure of the political system to absorb the frustrations and demands of Brazilians8.

Shopon Hossin

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